Bolle X1000 goggles with cover

Optical class: 1
Hardness factor: B
Thermal durability: T
CE certificate

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     Bolle X1000 goggles

The goggles are equipped
with panoramic lenses that have an increased durability and are made of 3mm
thick polycarbonate, covered with the anti-scratch layer from the outside and
the anti-fog layer from the inside. They fit the face very tight thanks to the
TPV made frame. They are equipped with a ventilation system ensuring a perfect
ventilation while using the goggles and filtering the dust thanks to the foam

They allow a fast and
intuitive mount of correction lenses.

The goggles are attested and
meet the mechanical resistance standards for the direct impact in accordance to
the B standards ( an object that weights 0,86g and which travels with the
velocity of 120 m/s ) and meet the sudden flame impact standard according to
the T standard – up to the temperature of 420 degrees Celsius.

     The set includes:

– a microfiber case that also serves as a lens
cleaning cloth,
– a zipper closed stiff case,


The above product is a product of the highest quality and has undergone
endurance tests appropriate for its resistance class. The manufacturer
guarantees resistance to impacts of solids in class scope resistance or obtained certificates.
Nevertheless, in the event of insufficient matching of the goods, use of this
protection does not preclude personal injury,
for example by BB’s ricochet under the protective glass.
Therefore, before use, it is recommended to adjust eye protection to the
individual needs of the user. Protective properties of the product may also
change as a result of improper use and maintenance of the above product,
e.g. by cleaning with unsuitable materials or continue use of already scratched
or damaged product. The seller is not responsible for any personal injury
resulting from improper fit and use of the above product.

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