Dan Wesson 2.5 ”” revolver

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Made of: metal and plastic
Powered by : CO2
Color: black
Weight : 900g
Magazine capacity: 6 BB pellets
Muzzle velocity : ~380 FPS
Length : 200 mm
Manufacturer: ASG

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    Dan Wesson 2.5 “” revolver

replica is made of metal and plastic. The element that is made of plastic is
the pistol grip. Its surface is rough what makes that the replica lies stable in
the hand. The front part of the pistol grip is profiled.


revolver is powered by CO2 capsules. The bullet chamber is located in the
pistol grip and it is opened by taking of the whole pistol grip’s covering
panel. The muzzle velocity reaches about 400 FPS. After shooting a few rounds
the muzzle velocity stabilizes at the level of about 380 FPS.


The drum is the magazine
which holds six dummy cases that hold 1 BB pellet each. You can shoot the
weapon either by squeezing the trigger or by cocking the hammer first. After
the hammer is cocked, the trigger operates lighter. The replica is also
equipped with a 22mm RIS rail that is located under the barrel. The  RIS rail is mounted with a hex screw and it
is possible to detach it.


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