MOD24 sniper rifle replica – olive

Material: Plastic and Metal
Weight: 2800g
Length: 1100mm
Color: Olive
Initial muzzle velocity: ~410 FPS
Type: Spring
Manufacturer: Modify

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MOD24 sniper rifle replica – olive

Modify-Tech is a well known company with 40-year experience in the field of highest grade spare parts, tools and accessories. It successfully operates on the airsoft market, offering internal parts, tuning kits and replicas. Presented replica is their debut model in the field of airsoft replicas production. We can feel safe when it comes to effects of their work – this replica can be listed among finest spring powered airsoft sniper rifles.

The replica is shipped in two parts – the stock and the barrel with mechanism. The assembly is done in just few moments. They are perfectly matched and the only things needed to solid assembly are two screws and an allen wrench (included).

The stock is really well made. High quality, stock is made from elegant looking mat olive reinforced polymer and is covered in anti-slip texture. It ends with rubber butt plate adorned by a Modify logo. The plate is mount on a metal telescopic pipe. Thanks to this the stock can be adjusted smoothly to match the shooters preferences and built. The stock also features two tactical sling attachments and a bipod mount.

The other part consists of barrel and breechlock with trigger. These parts were made from metal and the one-piece outer barrel looks really solid. The breechlock features classic shaped charging handle. Despite having strong spring installed, the whole system is easy to reload. The mechanism itself works smoothly and effectively.

Inside the long 485mm inner barrel is located, among with the spring mechanism based on steel cylinder and reinforced, metal parts set. We can be sure of highest possible quality of these parts – it”s Modify after all.

Next to a grip there is a thumb operated safety switch placed. On the body there is a universal 22mm RIS

rail located, which allows the installation of various scopes. The hop-up is adjusted by the lever located on the outer barrel. The trigger action can also be adjusted.

A great feature is the LED module installed in the magazine. Thanks to it the fluorescent pellets can be used, providing the shooter with effect of firing tracer bullets. It surely will make any night airsoft match more attractive and will also improve accuracy. It”s installation process is showed in the included manual – to disassemble the magazine only tow pins must be extracted. The LR41 batteries for the module are also included.

The magazine is made from semi transparent green polymer, which allows to monitor the quantity of loaded pellets (it can hold 30 bb”s)

Tuning parts are compatible with the APS2 standard.   

The set includes:

– a replica
– a magazine
– screws with wrenches used for assembly
– a ramrod
– a magazine loading tool
– a LED module for the magazine
– LR41 batteries
– user manual




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