SA-B02 SAEC™ System airsoft carbine replica

Upgraded version
Material: ZnAl + steel + plastic
Length: 700 – 785mm
Weight: 2550g
Black colour
Muzzle velocity: ~430 / ~310 FPS
SAEC™ quick spring change system
Manufacturer: Specna Arms

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SA-B02 SAEC™ System carbine replica

The SA-B02 carbine replica by Specna Arms is made mostly of a uniform zinc and aluminum alloy, with the use of steel elements in the most sensitive points of the replica (so all screws, pins and the tactical sling handle are made of steel). The stock of the SF type battery, as well as the pistol grip, are made of polymer plastic. The body of the replica and the set of RIS rails have been anodized, which guarantees a high degree of protection of the replica against corrosion. The painting of the replica itself was made with a powder coating process, after the surface had been sandblasted. This ensures a much higher than usual abrasion resistance of the applied paint. USMC markings have been applied to the body.

The replica was fitted very well – in a way that could be observed almost exclusively with G&P or Classic Army class manufacturers – and perfectly balanced. This ensures perfect maneuverability of the replica, and its weight is almost imperceptible when the replica is placed next to the shoulder.

The replica uses a new generation quick spring replacement system, the so-called SAEC™. This allows for quick and efficient adjustment of the power of the replica to the conditions expected on the playing field without the need to have access to a workshop or a number of specialized tools. The spring replacement process is now even faster than in the previous version of the system.

Thanks to the SAEC™ System, there is no need to remove the gearbox from the replica – just remove the stock guide (without the use of tools – it is fastened with a screw-on ring and a latch), and then unscrew the special pin located under it together with the bearing spring guide. We replace the mainspring, screw the pin back into the body, attach the stock, and then… we’re back in the game! The whole operation takes literally a moment, and let us repeat: it does not require any tools.

The advantages of the SAEC™ System cannot be overestimated. In the light of the Europe-wide tendency to apply legal restrictions on the muzzle velocity of the replica and the arrangements existing within the environments themselves, this system guarantees the user considerable possibilities and a lot of freedom. The SAEC™ System allows with minimal effort to replace the main spring, and thus to adjust the muzzle velocity of the replica to the area of the game so as to guarantee an ideal compromise between the effectiveness of fire and the safety of oneself and other players.

The replica has been fully adapted to work with LiPo and LiFe batteries. Thanks to the basic initial muzzle velocity of ~425 FPS guaranteed by the factory-installed main spring, the replica is perfect for medium-range operations. The set also includes an M90 spring, which allows you to reduce the initial speed to ~ 325 FPS, thus making the replica perfectly suited for short-range operations or inside buildings.

The gearbox, reinforced at the height of the cylinder head, hides a steel spring guide that is part of the SAEC™ System and steel gears mounted on 8-mm ball bearings and washers. The system is secured with four anti-return latches. The lightweight piston, made of polycarbonate plastic, is equipped with a set of steel teeth to increase its strength. A type 2 cylinder and a steel breaker were also used here. The replica is pre-installed with an accurate, rotary, polymer Hop-Up chamber, which allows for very precise and stable adjustment of the BB spin system.

The Upgraded version has a number of new, reinforced parts, such as:

– a set of reinforced steel gears
– bearing, steel spring guide
– light, polymer piston with a steel strip
– aluminum, sealed piston head
– metal cylinder head
– sealed metal nozzle

The replica is equipped with a top 22 mm RIS rail, a set of front Free Float RIS rails and an adjustable stock. Metal flip-up sights have been mounted on the upper RIS rail, but they can be freely replaced by any optoelectronic sighting device. Thanks to the extendable stock with a non-slip footplate, it is possible to adjust the length of the replica to the build and preferences of the shooter. The standard flash hider is mounted on a 14-millimeter left-hand thread, which allows you to attach a sound suppressor in its place.

To increase the realism of the game, the replica is also equipped with a working bolt release.

The set with the replica also includes a steel hi-cap magazine that holds 300 BBs.

Specna Arms replicas are compatible with many magazines available on the market, including from such manufacturers as:
– Airsoft Systems,
– SRC,
– King Arms,
– MAG,
– ACM.

The SAEC™ system is covered by the European Patent Number: 002639500

Additional accessories visible in the pictures are not included in the set!

The set does not include the battery and charger.

The kit includes:

– replica
– magazine
– mechanical sights
– additional main spring


According to the report number HKGEC1600157401

The product meets the requirements of the EU RoHS Directive – Restriction of Hazardous Substances, Directive 2011/65/EU annex II; recasting Directive 2002/95/EC
Dealing with limiting the content of hazardous substances in electronics.

Which means that Specna Arms replicas are free from harmful materials such as:
– lead
– mercury
– cadmium
– hexavalent chromium
– polybrominated biphenyl (PBB)
– polybrominated phenyl ether (PBDE)

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Replika karabinka SA-B02 SAEC™ System


~430 / ~310




Single, auto






Hi-Cap magazine






Assault rifles/Carbines


Modified v2 Gearbox




plastic + metal





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