Crosshair One protective glasses – Smoke Gray

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Made of: polycarbonate
Weight: 35g
Frame color: black
Visor color: tinted
Optical class: 1
UV / UVB protection
Producer: ESS – Eye Safety Systems

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Crosshair One Smoke Gray safety glasses – Tinted

The Crosshair ™ ballistic eyewear, part of the Cross-Series ™ product line, is an economical version of the Crossbow ™ model. Like their predecessor, they feature scratch-resistant, easy-to-replace ballistic visors that do not distort the image across the entire field of view and provide 100% UVA and UVB protection.

When creating a new frame, the manufacturer took into account the suggestions of users. They resulted in glasses that fit each head, guaranteeing exceptional wearing comfort without any pressure points.

Cross-Series ™ compatibility – upgradeable to Crossbow® visor with aniti-fog protection or ultra-thin Suppressor ™ frames for perfect compatibility with hearing protection and communication systems
– Resistant to damage and deformation ballistic visor of the first optical class with a thickness of 2.4 mm made of polycarbonate
– Visor made in the ESSOPTICS ™ standard, free from any distortions and guaranteeing 100% protection against UVA and UVB radiation
– ToughZone ™ technology that protects the visor from scratches
– DedBolt ™ latch system that allows you to easily and very quickly replace the visor – it is mounted using profiled cuts at its ends and a hole in the middle
– Flexible frames with Tri-Tech Fit ™ technology guaranteeing maximum comfort and no pressure points
– Comfortable, replaceable composite-silicone nose piece
– Possibility to install an additional elastic strap securing the glasses against loss
– U-RX ™, P-2B ™ and Vice ™ correction inserts available

– Visor material: polycarbonate
– Visor thickness: 2.4 mm
– Visor color: tinted, visible light transmission: 15%
– Frame color: black
– Viewfinder dimensions:
• Length: 142 mm
• Width at its widest point: 47.9 mm
• Width at the point where the nose is installed: 15.3 mm
• Spacing of side mounting holes: 124.4 mm
– Frame dimensions:
• Width at its widest point: 148 mm
• Width at the temple ends: 95.5 mm
• Width at the hinge: 141 mm
• Temple thickness: 3 – 4 mm
– Weight of complete glasses: 34 g
– Weight of a single visor: 16g
– Nose weight: 4g
– Frame weight: 14g


– compliant with the American civil standard ANSI Z87.1 – 2010
– compliant with the American army standard MIL SPEC MIL-PRF-31013 (Clause
– CE quality mark, in accordance with the European standards EN 166: 2001, EN 170 and EN 172
– frames compliant with the European standard CE EN 166 FT
– visor compliant with the European standard CE 5-3.1 FT K N
– compliant with US Federal OSHA

– Crosshair ™ frames
– Smoke Gray tinted viewfinder
– A black microfiber bag for storing and cleaning glasses


The above product is of the highest quality and has undergone endurance tests appropriate for its resistance class. The manufacturer guarantees resistance to impacts of solids in the scope of the resistance class or obtained certificates. Nevertheless, in the event of insufficient matching of the goods, the use of this protection does not exclude bodily injuries, for example by the ball falling under the protective glass due to a ricochet. Therefore, before use, it is recommended to adjust the eye protection to the individual needs of the user. The protective properties of the product may also be changed as a result of improper use and maintenance of the above product, e.g. by cleaning the lenses with unsuitable preparations. The seller is not responsible for any personal injury resulting from improper fit and use of the above product.

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